Moberly Lodge Kitchen

When given great food, you will be transported to far away places, brought back to distant memories, and feel closer to the people around you. We understand how important food can be on a vacation.

Welcome to our table, find yourself a seat and dine on five-star home cooked meals.

Moberly Lodge Kitchen is the heart and soul of Lucille Hayward; the proprietor and owner of Moberly Lodge. But most importantly she loves to give the gift of good food.

All of our dishes are made with seasonal ingredients bought from local growers and owners. We are blessed to live on the land we do and we want to support the growth of our neighbors and friends.

When you have breakfast in the Great Room you’ll see her genial smile welcoming you to an outstanding breakfast made with crispy bacon (her guilty pleasure, made to preference), a fresh cup of coffee, and of course a calm morning.

You may be out in the boonies, but you’ll never be short of a drink or a nosh while you’re at the Lodge.

When you stay here, stay here, get to know us through our food.

The Kitchen is open and happy to serve you.

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