On The Grounds

When the Rocky Mountains are your backyard, take the opportunity to explore. It’s never quite the same view.

We have 12 acres of land for you to roam. Here are some of our favourite activities that you can do in and around the Lodge during the year!

Campfire roasts: What’s not to love? On a beautiful evening when the chill isn’t quite there— there’s nothing quite like wrapping up in a warm blanket, wearing a comfy pair of loungewear and sitting around the fire.

When the stars come out and the fire is crackling– at some point in the evening, close your eyes and then take a deep breath. When you open your eyes, take in the scenery and atmosphere. Because this, this is what living in Canada feels like.

Star gazing: The beauty of where we are located is that there is minimal light pollution! Whether you are looking from the balcony, deck, or you’re laying on the ground the view of the Milky Way is beautiful.

Game night: Are you looking for some good natured fun? The Great Room has several board games and cards to entice even the least competitive in your party! While there is Wi-Fi at the Lodge, why not take this moment to beat your friends and family at a good old fashioned game of Cranium.

Snowshoeing: Snowshoes help reduce how much you sink into the snow allowing you to explore winter landscapes and hike during the winter. You’ll be walking on top of the snow instead of sinking into it! Try out a pair of snowshoes and go for a walk around the area. If you’re curious but unsure, click the link to read more about Snowshoeing for beginners.

Biking & sledding: The Blaeberry Valley is 20kms (12 miles) from the Town of Golden, and lucky for us we’re situated in the Blaeberry. It is a vast and open space that is ripe for exploration. If you’re looking for a leisurely ride, go around the area. Take in the scenery. In the winter, once you head deeper into the Blae, you will find sledding trails! If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey like Foraging, make sure you check out the article from Abby Cooper about finding Bliss in the Blaeberry.

Lounging: How often do you give yourself the opportunity to just sit there and exist? We have a wraparound deck where each room has its own private lounge area. Take advantage of it! Bring your favourite book, your activity bag, knitting, crocheting, you name it. Sit in nature and lounge a little bit.

Dining: No adventure is complete without food. If you’re staying in the day, we have a variety of treats and noshes for you to dine on made in the Moberly Lodge Kitchen. There’s something for everyone!

Massage: Perhaps you’re feeling a bit sore and stiff from the drive, no worries, book yourself an appointment with Kristina from Purcell Wellness Mobile Massage. Let us know at the front desk and we’ll sort out the details for you. Massages must be booked in advance as we cannot accommodate day of requests.

Find Your Sense of Adventure